Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bounty On A Wednesday

Yesterday was gorgeous! Sunshine, a warm breeze, right smack in the middle of a Colorado winter, God made the skies blue and the air soothing and paired it with another day of tear-free school. A day of wild grace falling all over our little farm house.

In the afternoon Jed and the girls took long naps and I attempted my first ever homemade (even the crust) apple pie, while my Siah sat on the old wooden chair in the kitchen and I listened as he sounded out words on pages.

And the cherry on top, that brought bounty on my Wednesday...
the smell of the BBQ brought in through the kitchen window by the warm winter breeze.
kids running wild in all directions in the fields surrounding our house.
We ate, we laughed, chatted about the silly, and the not so silly.

Men sat around the fire pit as the sun set. I could see them smiling, hearts full of that kindred happiness.
And girls... girls I barely knew, mixed in with those who have walked the hard road with me, both sat comfortably around my living room, willing sharing their lives, their hearts, themselves... all, with little old me. I felt beyond blessed.

I've been so humbled since moving out here. Humbled at what the Lord gives. Humbled by the friendship that he's put in my lap. He knows this heart needs fellowship.
He knows I struggle.
He knows how easy it is for me to feel alone in a crowded room.
He knows how I have no clue how to gracefully receive a compliment, how I feel most comfortable with me when no one is looking.
I know He's given each, gifts... I know I break His heart when I deny those gifts in front of others.
In the learning, I hope to grasp a way to gracefully receive what He wants to give this soul of mine.

And despite that there is so much that I have not yet figured out, so much more that I still long to be, in His kindness He brings the deepest, the truest of friendships. He brings women who are passionate about Him with their lives and not just their words. He brings people to love on my kids. He brings those who speak truth into Joey and my marriage. He brings those who are laughter naturalists, the ones who remind my soul to find the joy in each of my days, even on the days where I'm muddling my way through trials.

Since the move, nearly one year past, He's given friends... not sparingly, but in abundance! Friends that I know will walk with me throughout the years... walking down that narrow road towards Him and all His glory!

It was just a Wednesday in March, but it was overflowing with gifts... and this heart of mine was overflowing with praise... praise for Him who gives in abundance!

Bounty on a Wednesday...