Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I'm not sure how many times a day I look into his squishy little face and say out loud, "Thank you... God, just Thank You!" Seriously can't believe that eight precious months have gone by and my little guy just keeps growing and laughing and sleeping and eating and then growing some more.

He's moving himself all around but not crawling. He sits like a champ now. My most favorite thing is the love between brothers that I get to see everyday. Although there is five years between our boys they have something sweet between the two of them. A few days ago Siah told me that he had something to show in his room. When I went upstairs he had moved things around and left a giant space open on one wall. "That's for Jed's bed so he'll have a nice place to stay when he gets old enough to be in my room." How sweet is that!!! :)

Joey and I have been talking about whether or not we should put the boys together since there is such an age gap... our conclusion is that there is never harm in fostering friendship between brothers. They'll only think it odd if we make it out to be odd. WE've always talked to Siah about them being together as being somewhat of a privilege and always a total blessing. Not everyone has the blessing of having their best friend sleeping in the bed next to them each night. I find myself often praying for their friendship, the genuine brotherly love between the two of them. I'm praying that the Lord gives me the daily wisdom that I need to foster their love and to encourage them to lean on, and build up one another in godly truth throughout their years together under this humble farmhouse roof.

This video of the two of them ought to make anyone having a bad day turn into all smiles...

In other news, my Jeddy's got two little teeth swimming alone in his otherwise sea of gums. He's been a bit more fussy and clingy, that sort of thing. But I'm not sad about it in the slightest cuz I love when he buries his snotty little face in my chest and how he comes up for air sporting the most giant full face smile that could make even one's worst moment better.

He's lovely and loved and all I can say is that I am so stoked on him!

Sometimes he gets a bit mad...
I'm still, so in love! :)