Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Seven Months & Thirteen Years

When my babies are growing within, I'm praying daily that the Lord is molding them into exactly what I need to help me grow closer to Him. With Siah it was learning to accept His gift of life, to accept that He really did want me to be a Mama, for His glory. With Hal, it was learning to let go of my control. She was anything BUT "according to the book." SHe cried, a lot. She slept when she wanted to, not when I thought she should. You know, that sort of thing. With Reesie He's reminded me that even the most goodie-tou-shu of people can birth rebel children. She's the spunk in my life that reminds me that the Lord has given us all a freedom to make our own choices. Sometimes His children's choices break His heart, but He wants them to love Him because that's what they want for themselves, not because He has forced them to do so.

And with my Jed, He has brought pure joy! He made my Jed joyful beyond anything that I could have thought up on my own. I've been thinking about WHY He chose to make this child the joy-child? He's number four and he could have come out the obnoxious child who's excessively loud and demands a bunch of attention. But instead he came out overflowing with joy.

If you just look at him and gently sing his name, his tears turn into this full face, full body smile. Joey and I both want to be the ones to go get him up in the mornings because when you open the door to his room and his eyes catch yours as you walk across the room, His entire body welcomes you with this outward sort of delight. And your soul can't help itself but t light up with him.

And I look into my little guy in awe, knowing that the Lord answered that pregnancy prayer of mine. That He brought me what I needed in this season to be close to Him. He brought a little boy who reminds me with his little seven month old life that with Christ, I have access to this unspeakable joy in everyday circumstances.

My little guy is seven months old today. My Joey and I have been together for 13 years, today. It would have been a fun day to do something lovely... to have some sort of sweet celebration for my man and my boy. Instead little Jeddy's ear drum burst and he has all this nasty-looking puss oozing out of his ear. And My Joey has some sort of stomach/cold virus that has him feeling under the weather. So instead I made some homemade chicken soup (for the first time ever in my life :) and we all ate dinner together around our brown farm table. No one felt much like talking, except for Hal who is was telling all of us jokes that didn't really make all that much sense at all but still made each of us smile. Everyone was in bed by 7, even my Joey. And I was able to spend the evening with a handful of women talking about 1000 Gifts.

But this post was really supposed to be about my Jeddy and how he is already 7 whole months!

He's totally sitting all by himself.
We're getting better about baths around here and have moved up to three times a week which is an AMAZING accomplishment for this Mama!
He's eating baby food three times a day now.
He's still sleeping in the pack and play in the school room. And I am perfectly content with that.

I think I probably say this every time that I write a little update on him but truly, truly, this little boy lights up my life.

He's getting a little shy now when people talk to him and he buries his head into my chest and it's seriously one of my favoritest things ever!

He grabs for EVERYTHING! He grabbed my hot tea at the table the other week... it was awful. He didn't get any major burns or anything, but how awful does it feel when you're sitting right there, watching him like a hawk and he still manages to get burning hot tea all over himself. So sad!

He puts EVERYTHING in his mouth... everything. :)
He has two teeth now that have are half way in.

He's handsome and fabulous and I'm cherishing every moment that the Lord has given me with this sweet sweet treasure of ours. :)