Saturday, February 19, 2011

Finding Joy

Finding my joy in.....
'collecting pieces
of God-glory...'

A large bowl of fresh fruit in mid winter.

Joy amongst siblings. :)
Three cheers to ice cream!

A Papa and his daughter having an ice cream picnic in front of the fire in the farm house living room.

Hula dancing...

Snow waves shading the porch.
Treasures discovering Giant icicles...

Treasures knee high in snow and laughter...

One treasure knee high in snow and tears.

A boy reading to his little brother while I fold laundry in the background.

Littlest girl "reading" for hours all curled up on the couch.

A little girl learning the joy of hard work.

The view of a clean kitchen

A pair of pink converse in the window sill.

Fifty fabulous books checked out from the library... this just might be the best batch yet. Little ones crowd around and listen close... hours of stories together.

Crazy Reesie hair.

Gorgeous sunsets looking west off our front porch.

My Joey saying, "You're car is all clean and gassed up. Have fun today!" as he pulls me in close one last time before he leaves for the day.

Another day...
Another chance to learn to love deep...

All is grace.
He never has to, but He always does.

(#'s 212-235 of discovering 1000 gifts given)