Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Scarlet Now White

I never thought I'd be saying this... but I have been LOVING the snow.
Waking up to blankets of white dusting the ground, a fresh renewing. The hills upon hills of covered white keep bringing me back to Him...

Him, making all things new...
Him turning my scarlet into white... snow white at that... I've read the phrase so many times as I've read His Word, but it never before made the kind of sense that it does now... now that I wake up to it surrounding me on all sides.

And when the sun shines down on the white, it sparkles bright. Even the parts on the ground that I know have been trampled on by dirty old boots, appear to me completely cleansed in the pure white that covers every inch.

When He says that He makes all things new...
It doesn't really mean much until you're aware of your fragile, broken self.

It's not that there was ever really a time that I thought I was without sin, it's just that maybe I wasn't aware of the depth of that sin. Maybe I wasn't aware of the roots, how they go deep, and how when I stubbornly refuse to uproot the things that have become so comfortable in this skin of mine, it affects not only my own heart, but the hearts of those around me.

The deeper the roots go, the more freedom one experiences when He declares, He has made ALL THINGS NEW!

"Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow." (Isaiah 1:18)

Take His gift... with great joy.
Delight in it...

For it's all ours for the taking...

Continuing on towards 1000 gifts...

#63 Snowball snacks on a warm sunny day.

#64 God-sent patience in the dark, rocking an ear-infected treasure.

#65 A helpful husband who meets me at the doctors office and helps carry in two sick ones, and two well ones, four bundled up through the snow.

#66 Our warm farm house beginning to feel like home... at least while we're waiting for heaven.

#67 a chunky baby with a stellar smile.

#68 Eleven days of diligence made possible by the God who's in the business of doing the impossible

#69 Soup and sandwich Sunday with two godly, encouraging, fun-loving, hilarious families.

#70 An afternoon of Farkle with friends.

#71 He is making all things new... in this deeply in love with her Savior, now farm girl.