Sunday, December 12, 2010

They're Here!

We're missing my dear friend Lauren this year who has blessed us with family photos each Christmas season since our kiddos were born.
But this year Tara and I texted each other Thursday afternoon...

"Meet at the barn in 5?"

She took pictures of our family and Joey took pictures of their family...
And I LOVE them!
Thanks friend! :)

Our gorgeous Hal! I'm nervous for her grow up... I have this feeling that boys will be flocking to this little one. Not only is she beautiful on the outside, she has the most gorgeous heart that I have ever seen!

Our oldest treasure has the gift of encouragement and gets high off of serving others. Just this afternoon he took out the trash without me saying a word! He's only five but he seems so grown up to me. :)

Littlest girl was a little stinker and didn't want her picture taken. But we took them anyway and for a few brief moments we actually got a little half smile out of her.

And OH MY GOODNESS... this little guy just lights up my life!!! That's all I have to say... he's just to cute for his own good. :)

I love these next pictures of our entire family... it's not often that we can get all of us together, all of us looking in the same direction, and most of us smiling. :)

Does it happen to you too???... When you have kids, all of a sudden you have zillions of pictures of your treasures, and pretty close to zero pictures of you and your man?? Well it has happened to me. So I just love it when I can get even just a few pictures of me with the man I love. :)

The most amazing part of it all was that it was only 30 degrees or so outside when we took these pictures. The kids did great, and even the Mama managed to make it through the chill with a smile. :)