Sunday, November 14, 2010

Who Am I

I am wife to a man who makes me want to be a better woman... Mother to 9 cherished treasures... Three of which we have had to give back to the Lord. Longing to be closer to my Savior more than anything.

I'm the woman who shows up to church with stains on her jeans and a handful of messy-haired hooligans trailing close behind. You can sometimes find me standing there awkwardly with my soaking wet shorts stuck to my skin.

I bare scars that are somehow bringing out the beauty in this messy heart.

Recently picked up our little family and moved from our giant house on the hill near the pacific coast to a cozy little farm house near a mile-high city in the middle of the country.

In our ten years of marriage we have traveled the world, moved ten times, lost those we've loved, blessed each other, broke each other, lost each others trust, and watched the Lord bring it back, been brave & let fear convince us of things that aren't true. And through it all we have fallen into this nearly indescribable, but magnificently amazing love relationship with the Creator of the Universe!

Currently on a journey that has caused us to LEAVE COMFORT FOR COURAGE. As you journey through this little blog, my prayer is that you get caught up in Him... His wildest grace... His extravagant love.