Monday, November 15, 2010

He's Mine

He's dreamy, he's peaceful, he's chatty
His skin is smooth,
His hands are small but find comfort when they strongly wrap around my index finger,
He's content, he's joyful,
His eyes glimmer like the sun setting on a crystal blue ocean,
His eye lashes are lusciously long but only visible to the ones who have the blessing of flooding his little cheeks with kisses,
He captivates me, he quiets my racing heart,
His little body fits so perfectly in my arms,
He's four months old and brings me great, great, great joy!

He's a boy of many many faces, He's often smiley, rarely worried, often curious, rarely sad...

He started eating cereal this week... Doesn't quite get what to do with his mouth, how to keep it all in, how to chew and swallow, how to savour his food, like the rest of his siblings have learned to love...

He's handsome,

His laugh restores my sometimes weary soul...

And that face... oh, that cute, cute face....
Lights up my little life!