Friday, September 17, 2010

A Sunday Afternoon

I LOVE Sundays in the Fall. Our church meets on Saturday nights, so we have the WHOLE day on Sunday to hang out with each other, watch football, eat good food, take a long afternoon nap, and soak up our kids.
Last Sunday Siah and Hal and AJ spent their afternoon ride skateboards in front of our house. We only have two boards so Siah volunteered to let Hal ride on the back of his. (He really is such a sweet brother.) I enjoyed the warm sunshine and light breeze, taking some photos of my two oldest treasures laughing together...

When we came in from riding skateboards, I spent the next half hour soaking up our newest treasure and his newest trick... SMILING!!! I took like a zillion photos of him with my iphone while sitting on the couch and catching glimpses of the game in between smiles.

OK... Seriously, how cute is he??????
It was a lovely Sunday afternoon!!