Friday, September 17, 2010

How We Do It

People ask me all the time what I do with all my kids while I'm trying to homeschool Siah each day. Truth be told, I was anticipating pure chaos this first year, simply because I've never done this homeschool thing before and I just wasn't sure how things would go. But I am happy to report that it is going WAY better than I ever thought it would. I'm so glad that my first year homeschooling, I have only been responsible for teaching kindergarten... if it was much more than that I'm thinking that I would have a much different story to report!
So how do we do it? Welllll....
In the mornings I do activities that both Siah and Hal can do. Like writing letters, reading books, practicing numbers, developmental skills, fine motor stuff, the calendar, bible stories, and scripture memorization.
Then in the afternoon, while the girls are sleeping, I do reading lessons and phonograms with Siah. One afternoon each week the two of us go outside and enjoy God's creation. Siah draws pictures and writes a few words in his nature journal about whatever it is in creation that he's curious about that day. Then we go inside and look up answers to his questions that I don't know the answer to. :) It's fun for both of us. :)

And my Reesie... Well you can probably guess that our little firecracker keeps herself quite busy... She spends her mornings dragging her "cart" behind her, wearing her Papa's shoes, going between "Costco," "church," and a "party." Ya know, where would most two year olds wanna go if they could go anywhere? Costco, right??? Silly girl!

She shows me like a hundred things while I'm trying to teach the older kids. Here she's telling me over and over and over again, "shoot! Shoot! Shoot!!" She's holding a little dart thing from Siah's nerf gun.

In addition to all the toys my sweet little girl brings me during school time, she brings me wads and wads of toilet paper so that I can wipe her constantly dripping nose for her. Isn't she thoughtful?

And when she gets tired of playing by herself, she puts forth her best effort to get Jed to play cars with her. :) And as you can see, Jed is not yet a very good playmate...

And that my friends... is how we do homeschool around here. We truly are having a blast! Oddly, homeschool is helping me to lighten up even more. It's funny to me how the Lord is putting this huge pile of events in my life(new baby, home schooling, packing, moving, remodeling a house, being a part of a church plant, feeding, bathing, teaching, training four small people day in and day out, just to name a few things :), that are causing me to relinquish more and more of my controlling tendencies, replace that control with freedom and joy, and wonder why I ever thought that I was in control of anything in the first place? You gotta love the way the Lord works!