Monday, August 23, 2010

With HIS Help, You Can Do This

This post just might be a mishmash of all that my mind can pull together these days...

We had a really wonderful weekend.
My sister in law Kristin came to town. We spent countless hours around the house, drinking Trader Joes, Chai Tea Latte, and chatting about life and it's many ups and downs. We visited a friend that we've known since childhood who lives a few hours north of our humble home in "Kanas-land." We ended our Saturday worshiping together at Alethia, where our family does church.

Sunday was Papa's 32nd birthday. In the morning we took Aunt Kristin to The Farm (which, by the way we should be hearing within the next two weeks whether or not they accepted our offer.) Aunt Kristin treated us to Cici's pizza for lunch. And then she spent the entire evening with all four of our treasures so that Joey and I could go out. It was soooooo nice to be alone with Joey. We chatted through a leisurely dinner and ate the most delicious food. We talked about the things we loved about each one of our kiddos, about the trials and treasures that have come into our lives since we've moved out here. We recalled the details of how the Lord has provided in the most unsuspecting and miraculous ways. We laughed, I cried, (a happy cry, I think... maybe I'm still a bit hormonal? :) We held hands in the car and listened to some good-old country music. Then we saw a (terrible) movie at the dollar theater. The best part about the movie was sitting next to the man I love for two whole hours without a handful of small voices constantly competing for my attention... and of course, eating my fair-share of Hot Tomales.
It was a total treat! Thanks Aunt Kristin!!!


This morning we had to take Kris back to the airport. It was hard and sad, but we're planning on coming to CA the first week of October so that made the goodbyes a bit easier.

On my way home from the airport I stopped by Costco with all our kiddos in tow, to pick up some formula for baby Jed (compliments of Grandma Judy and Grandpa Jim, THANK YOU!!!). And I must say that it was milestone for me in my new life as a mother of four.

The truth is that this has been a major transition for me. In some ways the transition has been easier than with our first three babies. I am genuinely able to soak up moments with Jed that I was never able to enjoy with the first two. Knowing that phases pass quickly, I don't find myself overwhelmed with things like, waking up at night for feedings, or making it through a fussy baby day. I know in my heart of hearts that "this too shall pass."

But on the flip side, I have been struggling in so many other areas. I have no idea how to run four different schedules everyday. Who's shcedule is most important? Is it more important that Reesie gets a nap or that I drag all four to Target to get Siah's school supplies? Groceries verses fun with friends? House cleaning or a nap for my tired self?

My Siah LOVES details. He wakes up each morning longing for a detailed synopsis of what the days events are going to be. And if those events change last minute he struggles to hold back the tears from the reality that his world is no longer in order. But the reality of our home right now is that things change. They change CONSTANTLY. My favorite phrase right now is, "I don't know."
What are we having for dinner?... I don't know.
How many stores are we going to? ... I don't know.
Are you tired mom? ... I don't know... I think so... all I know is that I am having trouble thinking straight.

Anyways, back to our trip to Costco today... like I said, it was a milestone for me. When we were done with our shopping I got hotdogs and pizza for the kids and salad for myself and we sat at the picnic tables and had lunch. And all the kids were AWESOME! We made it through an ENTIRE meal without crying, fighting, fits, spills, or drama. And as we were getting up to leave, this kind, old woman said, "you have such well behaved children... cherish them." To which I replied, "It's all because of Jesus.... and, I do... cherish them!" She smiled and rested her hand on mine and spoke softly, "With HIS help, you can do this."

God used the lady at Costco today. For that hour while we ate lunch, I felt my heart lifted up and a sense of encouragement came over me as a mother of four, for one of the first times in the past four weeks since little Jed arrived. It was a word of encouragement that was much needed...

For when I got home the chaos returned... Siah and Hal argued most of the afternoon... Reesie got into the markers in her room and colored on some things that we DON'T color on, AND she pulled out most of Halee's clothes from their closet and had a nice little fashion show by herself in her room... Jed screamed the entire time that I was peeling the potatoes for dinner...
chaos I tell ya...

But for that one hour today at Costco... I felt a bit of encouragement.