Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Little Piece Of Home

This past weekend was a real treat! Our dear friends Jason and Mindy flew out with their little treasure Laylie and blessed us with a little piece of home! (Home being San Diego of course!) I am starting to realize that it just might take years for Colorado to become "home" for me. The first few months here I think I was running off the adrenaline of experiencing something new and exciting. And now the reality has hit me that we are not moving back to San Diego anytime soon and the truth is that there have been moments in the past weeks that I have felt almost devastated at such a thought. Not that there haven't been equally as many moments that I I have felt super blessed out here. And even when I am feeling painfully homesick, I know that GOd has something for us here, even though I feel blinded to what that might be right now.

All this to say, this past weekend was a like God gave me a gift from His heart to mine. Mindy and I have been friends for only six years but it feels like we have been friends forever. She has the most precious heart. She lives a life that exemplifies Christ on a daily basis. She constantly thinks about others above herself.

This past weekend, she took care of my Jed while I napped, she cleaned my entire house, she bought me lunch. We had the best conversations about God and life and motherhood and being a wife. She showered me with her incredible friendship.

Jason came too. And he showered my kids with FUN! Just what they love! He chased them everywhere, let them ride on his back , read them books and tickled them until they couldn't laugh any more! They haven't stopped talking about Uncle Jason since he left!

It was such a treat, an answer to prayer, and extra special gift, to have our friends here for a few days. When they left I cried for a couple hours... I'm doing much better now... finding my joy again. But it was so so so so sad to see them go.

Thanks for an amazing weekend friends!!! We sure do love ya!