Tuesday, August 31, 2010

10 Reese's Pieces

My current top ten things that I LOVE about this little gem!
1. I LOVE these pig tails... and
2. This bright, contagious smile!

3. I LOVE her bear impression!

4. I love that you can often catch her walking around with her hands in her pocket.

5. I love this pouty face.

6. I LOVE that when I change her diaper she puts her hands behind her head and just kind chills out while I do all the "dirty" work. :)

7. I LOVE that most of the time you can find Reesie sporting two totally different shoes... usually her sister's shoes.

8. I LOVE that she likes to hide from Siah in our food cabinet and wear Halee's skirt over her dress.

9. I LOVE when she randomly says, "Love youuu!" and gives me a little kiss on my check.

10. I LOVE that she tilts her head from side to side when she talks to you.

And a few "bonus" things that I love about my Reesie are that she describes most foods as "spicy.."I love the way she says the word "spicy". I also love the way that she says the word "scary".
This girl is one AMAZING treasure! Love love love her!!!