Friday, July 2, 2010

She's TWO!!!!

It's my Reesie Piece's birthday today! I can hardly believe that she's 2 years old!!!!
Let me tell you how amazing this treasure of ours is!
She is FULL of life! She still has the best laugh ever and she laughs a lot which constantly brightens our day. Just look at that bright, beautiful face!!!

I'm not just saying this, but this girl seriously lights up my life.

Reesie Piece you have been nothing but a blessing to me since the day you were born.

I love the way that you cheer for me when I come into your room in the morning to get you out of bed... You shout "Yeaaaaahhh Mama" and clap your hands for me.

I love the way that you sing "Ring Around The Rosy" with your brother and sister. You run around in a circle and sing the only part you know "ashes, ashes" over and over and over again.

I love your strong will and desire to do things on your own.

I love when you come up and tap my leg and say "Mama, watch! Watch! Watch!" Then you do something silly just to make me laugh.

I love that you are in love with wearing necklaces and bracelets.

I love how much you love music.

I love that every time you see a picture of a kitty in a book your whole face and body light up and you start kissing the kitty!

I love that you have so many different sides to your BIG personality...

Reesie, I love how stinkin cute you are when you run with your short legs and try to keep up with your brother and sister.

And my sweet Reesie Piece... I even love you when you are being a total pistol!! I know that I shouldn't laugh, but in all honesty you are just so cute and so funny when you're mad that I have to use all my strength to keep a huge smile from creeping across my face. And although most of your day is spent in shear joy... You are the epitome of what one thinks of when they think of TWO YEAR OLDS! You are my squishy cuteness, and in the very same breath, you are stubborn and emotional and you are a professional FIT PITCHER!

THis morning when I told you that I wanted to take your picture...
this is the face that you gave me...

Honey... I know how you feel... we're gonna have to work on this attitude thing you've got going on!

But... Even when you're having your "moments," you are still so lovable!

I am so MADLY in love with you my sweet girl!!!



So on your birthday you woke your mommy up at the crack of dawn!! I made you your birthday crown (it's tradition around here... I know I'm a super fancy mom and I make the most amazing birthday hats ever. :) Try hard not to be to jealous. :)

Your Papa made you your favorite pancakes for breakfast. Normally we like to take you kiddos to The donut shop on your birthday but the strangest thing is that you don't even like donuts... So pancakes it was!

After breakfast Aunt Tara came over and brought you your super hero cape with your kitty mask and crown that she had made for you. Now all you Clark kids have your own personalized super hero cape! Thanks Aunt Tara!!!
(And, as usual, you are wearing shoes with your pajamas which is another thing that I absolutely love about you.)

After breakfast we headed for the zoo with Tara and Nicole and all their kiddos... you picked out some mini cupcakes and Dora party blowers at Walmart that morning so that we could celebrate you with your friends while we were at the zoo... We sang happy birthday to you and then you ate one bite of your cupcake before you decided that you were all done. I'm starting to wonder if you just aren't a "sweets" kind of gal?

They were doing free face painting at zoo. Siah and Hal jumped right in there and told the face-painter exactly what they wanted. You on the other hand shouted a resounding "NO" and made a pout-y face when I asked you of you wanted your face painted!

When we got home from the zoo your Papa wanted to take us all out to dinner for your birthday. We asked you what you wanted and you said, "hot dog please." We asked you if you wanted to go to Costco and you started jumping up and down and cheering and clapping and saying, "Yeeeeeaaaahhh!" So we had your Happy Birthday dinner at Costco. The funny part is, you only ate half of your hot dog and ended up mooching off of your sister and eating half of her pizza.

On the way home from Costco there was a car accident that happened right in front of us. So Papa pulled over to help. One of the drivers was an old lady and I was sitting in our car feeling all worried and sorry for her because I thought that maybe she had gotten hurt and I was hoping that she had some family around to help her because her car was completely totaled. The accident was the old lady's fault and the other women involved was really shaken up.

Well it turned out that I was feeling bad for the wrong woman. The old lady that I was all worried about wasn't even upset in the slightest. In fact she was sitting in her car, perfectly fine, smoking a cigarette and trying to get her radio to work while barking at the people trying to help her with her raspy, old, man voice. I'm tellin you... there are a different kind of folk out here!

Anyways, after the accident we went home and headed straight to bed.

I know you're only two and probably won't even remember much of this part of your life but I still love celebrating your little life! You are my forever treasure and I sure do love you!!!