Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Little Boys & Injuries

I am starting to wonder if there is just something about little boys... and getting hurt.

I know that I am exaggerating (slightly), but it seems like every five minutes throughout the day someone is getting hurt in our house! They run into walls, trip over things that aren't even there, and bonk into each other constantly.

This weekend was extra special when it came to injuries for Josiah. On Saturday he was in the back yard and somehow managed to scrape his toe in such a way that it is now officially missing a rather large chunk of skin. In the midst of his tears he asked me in complete sincerity, "Mama, is my whole toe gonna fall off now?"

His toe is so nasty looking that I couldn't even bear to take a picture of it with the band aid off. (Just imagine the nastiest, bloodiest, yuckiest looking toe that you have ever seen... and that's what it looks like :)

Then on Sunday catastrophe # 2 came along! Siah was running over to Tara's house and tripped on the step that leads into her house. He hit his eye perfectly on the metal strip that covers the step right before you walk in the door. He got a pretty good looking gash next to his eye, his whole eye swelled up, and now half his face is black and blue! LOVELY!

It was rough for quite some time after it happened... but he seems to be doing just fine now. In fact he has been going to swimming lessons the past two mornings and hasn't even seemed phased by his eye... So that's great!

I don't remember ever getting hurt this often as a kid. But maybe I did... who knows? I'm just glad that Siah is learning to toughen up a little bit. We've been trying to teach him (with some of the more minor bumps and scratches) to just get up, brush it off, and keep playing. And he really is getting better at not making the tiniest little things such a HUGE deal. But man, has it been a process. He barely bonks himself and then he screams like he's being attacked by a bear. Shish!

I'm amazed that with as often as it seems that there are injuries around here that we have not once been to the ER yet. I'm just waiting for the day... :)