Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Firsts" All Around

We have had a bunch of firsts going on around here...
For the past two weeks Siah has been going to swim lessons for the first time ever in his life. Yes, he's five... and has never had swim lessons. But I am so glad that we put him in this summer. He has become so much more confident in the water and although he still doesn't really know ho to swim, he's no longer afraid to put his head under or jump off the edge into the water.

He's had a few different teachers over the past two weeks... This is Miss Brianne...

Siah even tried floating on his back... which for my Siah, is quite a brave maneuver!

His great friend AJ took the lessons with him... Here they are learning how to do the "chicken, airplane solider," stroke... mmmmmm... I've never heard of that stroke before!

He totally jumped off the edge without his teacher even catching him!

And he even went down the water slide all by himself... At the beginning of the summer he wouldn't even look at the slide... So YIPEE!!!

Way to go little man! We are SUPER proud of you!
In other news... Halee got her first haircut this past week! It still looks pretty much the same. I took several pictures with my old phone camera and I can't get the pictures off my phone and onto my computer for the life of me... bummer! But she was awesome! She sat there perfectly still and let the woman cut her hair. I was SUPER proud of her!!! :)

And finally little Reesie... Everyday there seems to be a new "first" for her... She's learning new words and new tricks. The other day Her and Halee were playing and I heard Hal say, "Shake your body Reesie! Shake, shake, shake!" And I peeked around the corner and saw little Reesie wagging her little bum back and forth while pushing her kitty in her stroller down our hallway. It just might have been one of the cutest things that I have ever seen!

She has so many new words every single day. Below is a little video of some of the words that she uses all the time.
(Don't forget to turn the music off at the bottom of the page. :)

And here's a little video of Reesie and Hal playing ring around the rosy together...