Saturday, June 5, 2010


I had a few moments today... good moments at that...

They were simple...

They were short...

But they were great.


It's finally warming up out here. It has been gorgeous. We went swimming this morning at the community pool down the road. When we got home I gave the kids showers, then went to sit by my Joey on the couch.

We had the windows open and the slider in our kitchen open, along with the ceiling fan on high in our living room. THere was a nice cross breeze. I was sitting next to my favorite person in the whole world (mind you, he was asleep, but I didn't care, I was just glad that he was next to me.) My children were down the hallway with the door to their room closed. And even though I could only faintly hear them, they were singing in unison (even Reesie) at the top of their lungs, "Father Abraham, had many sons, and many sons had Father Abraham!" And then they would all burst into a slew of giggles before they would repeat the same words again. I had my hand on Joey's leg that was resting in my lap, and the feeling of the breeze floating across my sunburned skin made that moment in my Saturday, oh so lovely!


After lunch, Joey and I and the kids walked to this little ice cream stand, down the road and across the field from our house. I was walking a bit slower than everyone else (with my ever growing belly and all :), and as I looked up the road, I saw my Siah riding his bike with his bright yellow beanie sticking out from underneath his helmet, (he insisted on wearing it even though it was over 80 degrees outside.) I saw my Halee skipping down the sidewalk in a long, flow-ey, fruffy, white, dress-up type dress that she insisted on wearing over her regular clothes. And I saw my Reesie bouncing up and down in her stroller making it that much harder for Papa to push the stroller. And then there was Papa, in his straw hat and flip flops, strolling down the street with his kiddos. And in that moment, I just felt so proud... so blessed that those were my kids... that this was my family. In costumes and all we walked to the little ice cream trailer down the street and across the field from our house.

It was a lovely Saturday.