Friday, June 11, 2010

Project Awesome!!!

So, my Joey got to go to CA this week... Can anybody say the word JEALOUS! Yep, that would describe me right about now! He mainly went for business stuff but he also got to sneak in some time with family and friends... lucky duck!!!

But there was no need to worry about me... I gave myself a project for the week... and quite honestly the time passed quickly and Joey got home safe and sound yesterday afternoon! I ran up to him and tried to give the most loving hug and kiss I could, but the truth is that my belly got in the way and made the hug a bit awkward, and I had just swallowed some bell peppers and hummus before he walked in the door, which made our reunion kiss, let's just say, not quite as romantic as I had hoped it would be. All the same, I love that he is home!!!!!!

Oh yeah, back to my project... When we moved out here we got rid of our kitchen table. We had out grown it anyway, it only had four chairs and we are working on becoming a family of six) so we bought a new one when we got here that seats 8! It's a pretty cool table but quite frankly I really didn't care for the color. Sooo, this week I sanded the table, two benches and one of the chairs and painted everything and put a sealer on it so that I could wipe off all the food that my little treasures spill on it a zillion times a day. And guess what?? I LOVE IT!!!! I know... I really need to work on my humility... oooops. But seriously, just check it out below!!! You gotta admit, it's pretty stinkin cool!



And AFTER!!!!!

Now that my table turned out so much better than I was anticipating, I just might find something else in my house to paint soon!

In other news... we are 5-6 weeks away from meeting our little man! Most nights Joey and I sit on the couch and chat about how surreal it is that Lord-willing we are going to be a family of six in a few short weeks. Nineteen years ago when we first met at Earl Warren Junior High School, we were just two nerdy kids with pimples and bad haircuts with not even a clue that we would one day be the coolest married couple ever, trying to raise four amazing little treasures up in the truth of God's Word! Who would have thought? We have been praying that God would give us an awesome, meaningful name for our little guy since the day that we knew that he was coming. NOTHING has come to our minds at all... that is until last night!!! We are 99% sure that this little guy has an awesome name! And it's not a name that I ever thought I would name our son... but I totally admit that I love it! And no, we are not sharing just yet... something's gotta be a surprise, right?

And the last bit of exciting news around here is that we put in an offer on a place out here. It's ten acres and has two houses and a barn on the property. We'd buy it with the Peeks. There's a house and 5 acres for each of us and you Californians would probably pee your pants if you knew how incredibly affordable it is. (If we get the place, I'll share some more details).
It's a TOTAL fixer-upper but I have been having dreams about it EVERY SINGLE night since we first saw it nearly a month ago. It's a short-sale so it could be months before we actually hear back. I have no idea what has gotten into me the past 8 weeks of my life... It seems that in a matter of weeks I went from being an "apartment by the beach" girl, to a, "I'm hoping we get the farm" girl. Soooo weird, but sooo fun! We'll see what God has for us? I trust His will way above my own and have no doubt that He knows what's best for us!!

There are so many things that our hearts are looking forward to right now! Yipee! Hope y'al have a great day! :)