Sunday, May 2, 2010

Seriously, Totally, Completely Pregnant

I haven't blogged much about this pregnancy...

but that's not because I don't constantly think about this little one. When I had Siah, I wondered how I could ever love another little one as much as I loved him. But now that I have been blessed with a handful of treasures I know that it is more than possible to cherish each and every one of them in their very own special way.
I have been looking at baby pictures of Siah here and there the past few weeks. And it's sparked this total excitement in me about having a another little boy around. We saw our little guy last week on an ultrasound. He looks AWESOME! All his parts are there and he's a mover and a shaker!! The tech had a bit of trouble getting some of the measurements because he was moving around so much. Truth be told, it's probably because of all the tea that I drink. Our new doctor "encouraged" me to lay low on the tea. I know she's right but with three other little ones running around tea has unfortunately become one of my best friends. Oh well... I decided that if that is the worst habit I have during pregnancy, then the likelihood of our little guy being ok is pretty good. He might be a little hyper when he comes out... but I guess that's something I'm willing to live with.

In other news, at our last ultrasound I was measuring an entire week bigger than they had originally estimated. So they gave me a new due date... July 24th instead of the 30th. And my sweet doctor, who is quickly figuring out that I am entirely to controlling for my own good, said that she would be willing to induce me a week early... All three of the other kids came two weeks early, so we'll just have to wait and see. But let me tell you that I am soooo excited that this upcoming week I will already be 30 weeks along!!!! Praise the LORD!!!

AS much as I LOVE having kids, I, quite frankly, don't care to much for being pregnant. I go back and forth between cherishing the precious movements in my tummy that remind me that our little guy is alive and growing inside of me... to... being pretty much annoyed at the fact that I can't get comfortable in any position because the little peanut is kicking me like a crazy person and it feels overwhelmingly yucky at times... especially when he kicks straight down! That's my least favorite by far! (Sorry if it's TMI :)

So all this to say that 10 weeks or less left of this thing called pregnancy, is sounding SUPER GREAT!!! On the flip side though, this just might be our last little treasure so there is a large part of me that is trying to ignore the annoying things and just soak up this time in my life. But being done with having kids is a whole other can of worms that I will have to blog about some other time. For today, I just need to live in the now and cherish the season that the Lord has me in.

Some fun facts about this pregnancy are that I have finally started to gain some weight and have gained a total of 17lbs thus far. We have found an incredible doctor out here who is truly in love with her Savior and has been overly kind to us. I passed my glucose test last week and I for sure don't have gestational diabetes. PTL! All my blood work came back great except that I am extremely low on iron... So I've been good about taking my iron pills (Which is a big deal for me because I'm really bad at taking pills. :)

Joey and I talk about names almost everyday but we haven't come up with anything that we both think is super great. We're always listening for some cool names when we're out and about in hopes that we will maybe hear something that we like.

I'm just this week starting to feel tight, big, uncomfortable, and the like. Which is not bad considering that I only have a few weeks left! So that 's just another praise.

All in all this pregnancy has been nothing but a blessing!! I am so ready to meet our newest little treasure! If he's anywhere near as great as the ones we already have then we will be SUPER blessed!!!

And I think that's all the excitement about that going on around here.

Here's a picture of me at 29 weeks...