Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Reesie-Piece

My "Reesie-Piece"...

I was sweeping in the kitchen the other day and I looked up to find my little Reesie in her sister's hat and her sister's boots. She had so carefully placed her baby doll in her high chair and sweetly covered her up with a blanket. My Reesie doesn't have that many "English" words that most people could understand but she has a way of clearly expressing herself and all her many thoughts.

"Is your baby cold?" I asked her. "Is that why you put a blanket on her?" She looked at me, crossed her arms, shook her body, and said, "Brrrrrrrrr! Brrrr, brrrrr, brrrrr!!!!"

I can't help but soak this girl up each and every day.

She calls kitties, "meow meows." When we ask her, "Can you say kitty?" She says, "Yes. Meow meow."

She calls a cup a, "bup."

She calls her Papa, "Pop."

She speaks Spanish when she wants water. "Agua, pa (translation... water, please)!"

She still has the best belly laugh ever!

And one of my most favorite things in the whole world to watch right now, is little Reesie running as fast as she can down the hallway to our room with her short little legs toddling as quickly as they can. Her legs still haven't caught up with her head and her heart. She thinks she is so much bigger than she really is. You can see the determination in her face as you watch her little legs try to keep up, as they work overtime to get her to her desired destination.

She still loves babies and kitties so much that she kisses them every time that she sees them.

If the answer to a question is "yes", Reesie always answers "Ye Pa!" (translation... "Yes please") So if you ask her, "do you want a cookie?" She'll say, "Ye pa."
If you ask her, "Do you have a stinky diaper?" She'll say, "Ye pa."

She's wearing a size 2T already... she's getting so big, so fast.

Each morning at the breakfast table you can usually find Reesie wearing her shiny silver sparkle shoes and a hat of some sort with her pajamas still on. Her shoes and her hat are the first two things she asks for when she gets out of bed.

On our trip out to CO she started sleeping in a big girl bed... and the whole transition went surprising well. It has only been on rare occasion that she has gotten out of her bed. Most of the time she just lays there and goes to sleep. I was anticipating a much more eventful transition but I must say that I am overwhelmingly grateful that she has done so well with the whole thing.

She's super independent, but is also quite the Mama's girl. She can easily entertain herself but she's also willing to hang out in my Mama's lap for as long as Mama is willing to hold her. :)

She's sweet as pie and stubborn as can be... if it's possible to be both, she is.

She's a screamer... a yeller, I guess is more accurate. If she wants something or someone has taken something from her she just starts yelling... in a very LOUD voice I might add! The other kids cover their ears as soon as they know they've upset her and she starts screaming. It's kinda funny... but not to worry, we are constantly working on "using our words" around here.

When she wants my attention she comes and pats me on my leg and repeats my name over and over again in a kinda deep, man sounding voice, what feels like a million times. "Moooom! Moooom!!! Moooooom!!!"

And even though I already wrote about it... One of my most favorite things about Reesie is watching her walk around the house pushing her shopping cart, with her baby inside, while holding her phone up between her shoulder and her cheek. She might still be little on the outside, but she seems so big to me on the inside.

You gotta love my Reesie-piece!!!! I know I sure do!!!