Sunday, May 9, 2010

An Honor, A Privilege, And A Great Responsibility

Happy Mother's Day to all those moms out there!

I love being a Mother. It just might be close to the top of my list of things that bring joy into my life... right up there next to knowing Christ and being married to Joey.

Since day one of being a mom, I have felt honored that the Lord would pick me and trust me and use me in the lives of our many small children.

It's Sunday morning and all my treasures are still asleep (at least for the moment:). I've been waking up early often out here in CO... maybe it's because the sun rises so early... maybe it's because our fourth little treasure likes to move around so early in the morning. But all the same, each morning when I get up before my treasures, it has been a privilege for me to spend time in prayer for them and and for me. Different seasons bring different prayers but lately I have prayed fervently that they would desire to fall hard after Christ, despite my short comings. I have prayed that Siah would have a desire in his heart to lead in a servant way and that he would take great joy in being a blessing to his sisters. I have prayed that the Lord would use Halee's constant joy, and tender heart towards life and others for His glory. And I have prayed that Reesie's heart would soften towards obedience and that through our consistent love and discipline (for the Lord disciplines the one that he loves :), she would come out on the other side of her third year of life, joyfully accepting instruction from those in a place of authority over her. It is my great privilege to pray confidently over each of my treasures as constantly as I can.

Before my kiddos were born, I had no idea what a great responsibility my heart would feel, daily, often hourly, in raising them up in way that would lead them towards their Savior and bring glory and honor to God. I don't take my responsibility lightly. Some would say that we have sacrificed many things so that I can stay home with the kids. But I am realizing that the monetary things that we have given up haven't been much of a sacrifice at all in comparison to what we have gained. God has given a much greater gift in this season and that is the gift of time... Time to play, time to talk about life, time to answer hundreds of questions, time to encourage better attitudes, time to work on my own attitude, time to learn how to be the kind of family that the Lord wants us to be. I am far from being the kind of parent that our heavenly Father is towards me, but I am grateful for His example and for His great grace that make my responsibility towards my children doable.

What I love the most about being a mom is relying on the fact that I am never alone. I always have Jesus in my heart to help me in all the things that I can't do on my own.

Last night when I picked the kids up from their Sunday School class, Siah had drawn a picture of everyone in our family on a card for me for Mother's day. I for one, have never taught him how to draw people. He has never gone to preschool. And no one that I know of has shown him how to draw people.

When I saw his drawings I was shocked at how well he had drawn each of us. The detail, the way that each person actually looked somewhat like a person. On the way home I turned the music down in the car and I told Siah how proud I was of him and the way that he had drawn all those people. I asked him how he knew how to draw like that and he said, "Well, I know what all the parts of my body look like, and God made me smart." I know Siah only answered me with one simple sentence but it spoke so deeply to my heart. When Siah said that, a little reminder from the Lord came to my heart, "Your son(s) and daughters are more mine than they will ever be yours. Don't worry about where you might be lacking, as a mom or as my daughter, just dwell on the fact that you are all mine and that I have every last detail of your lives taken care of. If it never crossed your mind to teach Siah how to draw stick figures... don't worry because he knows that His Heavenly Father made him smart!!!"

I took these pictures of him yesterday cuz I like his hair. :)
He's so handsome!

Being a mom is an honor, a privilege, and a great responsibility, but the best part about it is that we are never alone and "God's divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness." 2 Peter 1:3

I got some pretty flowers this morning when I woke up. I always love the cards that Joey gives me... They're hilareous and I always know that he picked them out from the bottom of his heart! :) He also got me a peeler. (We had a little "incident" with out last peeler a few days ago. It kinda got chopped up in the garbage disposal. So when he asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day, I truly wanted a peeler. Thanks babe for remembering. :)

Everyone's awake now...
Joey made us all a yummy breakfast...
Good Morning Treasures!!!!

Happy Mothers Day! Hope you have a wonderful day soaking up those sweet treasures that the Lord purposely picked you to be the Mommy of!!