Saturday, April 3, 2010

The view from our front porch

This is the front of our house (left) and the Peek's house (right).

Moving day was a lovely adventure... Seriously! Some folks from the church that we're going to be a part of came over and helped us unload the entire truck in less than an hour. It was hard but somehow I managed to not lift a single box all morning... instead I stood in the garage eating donuts and telling the boys where to put all our stuff. (Like I said... it was hard work on my part. :)

Unpacking has been slow with all our treasures walking around... every few minutes I find myself taking a break to break up a quarrel, wipe a bum, make a meal for the fam, get a snack for myself (then they see me eating and then they want a snack too, of course. :)

We had a HUGE wind storm come in on move-in day. It was so strong that as we were sitting in the living room we kept watching pieces of our roof fly off into the marsh behind our house. There have been a lot of little things that we keep finding that don't work around the house, but the builders here are over the top kind and they are coming this morning to fix our list of to-do's.

The people here are beyond kind. On our first night here one of Adam's friends showed up with meals for our family. Him and his wife gave us the low-down on the city of Colorado Springs... places we could go, things we could do with the kids, a mom's group that I could join, a community center that the kids could take classes at. They gave us their phone numbers and a key to their house in case we ever needed anything and they weren't home.

It was great first day here in the Springs. :)

Here's The view from our front porch... I don't know how to make my camera capture the magnificence of this view. It's nothing like where we just came from but I truly love it.

More soon...