Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Siah & Santa

I know that several of our recent posts have been about Siah, but he has been a hoot this Christmas season and I want to remember everything that he does and says so here I go again.

Christmas in our home, is first and foremost a celebration of Christ's birth. But I must admit that I also love Santa Claus.
I totally believed in Santa Claus growing up. My brother and I used to wake up at 3am and sneak downstairs to try and catch Santa in the act of bringing our gifts. Then we would wake up again at 5am and beg our parents to get out of bed... they always made us go back to bed until at least 6am... then they would stubble down the stairs, much to our bubbling over gitty-ness, start a pot of coffee, and smile from ear to ear as they watched us enthusiastically open each gift. It is such a fun memory for me.

We tried to explain Santa last year but both kids just looked at us like we were crazy... It's a lot harder to explain than one would think. How do you make Christmas about Christ but still manage to throw in the joy and magic of Santa Claus? It's a challenge that we decided we wanted to take. So last year we just dropped it and thought we might try again this year.

And this is how it went...

I explained to the kids that Santa comes and brings people gifts on Christmas Eve in the name of Jesus. So when we wake up on Christmas morning there will be something special in your stocking from Santa Claus.

And the first thing Siah says is, "Mom, who's gonna get up in the middle of the night and open the front door for him. You won't do it cuz you don't like to get up in the middle of the night." :) (He's right, I definitely am not a "middle of the night" kind of person.)

Then Joey explained how Santa comes down the chimney and Siah responds to him with, "That's not very wise. If he comes down the chimney he'll get burned by the fire."

When we got home that night he walked in the house and went and examined the fire place. There are glass doors that cover our fireplace so Siah informs me, "Mom, Even if he doesn't get burned, he'll get stuck behind these doors."

I have this feeling that he's not buying this "Santa Claus thing." :)