Thursday, September 17, 2009

Siah's First Day Of Soccer

Today was Siah's very first day of soccer!!! And well... He liked it... at least I think he did. He kinda just hung back and laid low. He totally followed all the instructions that were given to him by his coaches. But... he has absolutely NO idea what a team sport is or how it works. But I think he figured a few things out. When we got home he ran up to Tara and told her, "I kicked the ball soooo hard!"

At one point he stopped playing the game and started picking the grass. Joey started chuckling and said, "That's my boy."

On one of his little water breaks Joey asked him, "Are you having fun buddy?"
Siah replied, "No one ever gives me the ball."

But overall, I think that it was fun for him.

This is how he stood most of the time when he was listening to his coaches explain something new to him.

I just liked this picture...

Here he is trying to score on "Coach Doug"

Joey made sure that he was there for Siah's first soccer day. I know that him being there absolutely made Siah's day. Joey was so encouraging to Siah. They gave each other a high five at every water break. And each time Joey would tell Siah that he was so proud of him. And each time he said it, Siah would get this massive smile across his face and he seemed to have a new found enthusiam to keep trying. Joey and I and his sisters were so proud of him! We all shouted from the side line as Siah ran down the field. Hal kept yelling, "Go Siah! Get that ball!! Get it!!! Reesie just shouted nothingness. It was a fun family event!
Yipee!!! I just absolutely LOVE HAVING KIDS! These are definately the best days of my life!