Wednesday, June 17, 2009

They Are Growing.... Up

It's 9:45 am and I am sitting on the couch eating left over BBQ chicken and scalloped potatoes for breakfast... I really love leftovers by the way... which is a good thing cuz my man doesn't really care for them that much so all the leftover eating has been left to me :)...

Reesie is asleep up stairs and the other kids are playing in the living room. Tara took Vivy to the doctor this morning so AJ is hanging out with us. For the past hour the kids have been creating their own little world in the living room with all the pillows from the couch.

When we first moved in to "the giant house on the hill" (as Siah calls it), the kids were really struggling to get along. It's not that they disliked each other, it was just an adjustment to be around each other, day in and day out.

But lately I have seen Josiah going out of his way to look out for the smaller kids. AS I am writting this post, he has helped AJ find three different things to play with three different times so that AJ can be a part of what Siah and Hal are doing. Also this morning he has been teaching AJ how to do his "sneeky walk." Siah's sneeky walk is hilareous! (Next time you see him you should ask him to do it for you. It'll make you smile.)

I see leadership qualities in Siah that would be awesome if he knew how to channel them in the right way. He has turned into my little mimic lately. When we are in the parking lot and I am instructing Halee to hold my hand, Josiah follows suit and promptly instructs Halee, "Hal, now hold mama's hand. This is the parking lot and we need to hold hands or you will get bonked by a car and be dead... Now hold my hand and don't let go!" ... Well, then. Thanks for letting Hal know what she needs to do.

...No seriously, I think that it's really good for the kids to spur each other on towards love and good deeds (Hebrews 10:24) but I am feeling like there is a fine line between encouraging each other towards good things, and being flat out bossy! At this point in time, Siah's mimicing sounds more like the ranting of a little boy who thinks he's in charge.

SOO... we are growing...

We have many conversations through out our day that go like this...

"Siah, who is Mommy's authority?
"Who does God say is Siah's authority?"
"Mama & Papa!"
"Ok then. Is it your job to tell Hal what to do?"
"Ok then. You need to show Mommy that you trust her by letting her tell Hal what she needs to do."
"Yes Mommy."

There is a wonderful side to Siah wanting to tell the other kids what to do. He speaks a lot of truth to them when I'm not standing over him, in the midst of play. Sometimes he informs the little ones that they are "Not being peace makers." or that "They need to choose kindness..."in whatever the situation might be at that moment.

I am enthralled with them growing. They are growing into these amazing little people. And every moment that I m spending with them I feel like I am growing to... Growing into being the type of Chirst-follower that I never fathomed I could be.

Well that' it for today...

Blessing upon blessing...