Wednesday, June 3, 2009


There are some moments is a girls life when something overcomes them and they muster up the courage to do the impossible...

Today was one such day in the life of my little Hal!

This one thing has been a source of defeat and fear in Hal's little life for nearly two years now. When this particular thing comes joyfully bouncing towards her dainty little body, you can see her eyes widen to the size of golf balls and all the color drain out of her porcelain face. As this thing draws closer Hal's usual mouse voice turns into this blood curling scream and she digs her finger nails into her Papa's arm in shear terror!

What is this monstrosity?


Tonight as we ate our absolutely delectable, melt-in-your-mouth chicken, The Chic Fil A cow came bouncing out to greet all the little lads and my Hal who has feared the cow for most of her life, walked right up to that cow and gave him a giant hug!!!!!!

It was a monumental event!!! She is free from fear of the cow!!!!
She was so proud of herself.
"Me's no scared Mama!" she exclaimed to me!
I was so proud too!