Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday's Treasure Chest

The Kids have been saying the funniest things as usual around here.
So here it goes...

A few nights ago at dinner I Josiah volunteered to pray. He's a longwinded pray-er, and he tends to go on and on about the things that he is grateful for. On this particular night He was looking around the living room as he prayed and he said ever so seriously,

"Thank you Lord for the picture above the couch that it no fall off on me's head and me's head no crack open, and me's no be dead, and thank you for me's food."
(I told him not to long ago to not play on that particular
couch because there is a very heavy picture hanging right above it. I believe my exact words were, "Please stay away from that picture. I don't want it to fall on you and crack your head open. Then there would be no more Josiah and Mommy would be very sad..." At least I know that he hears me when I talk to him, right? :)


Today at lunch we each made different things. I made myself a bean burrito.
Then Josiah asked me, "Mama, what's in your "ritto," dog food?" The funny thing is that it really did look like dog food. But it was a whole lot tastier than dog food.


Then the kids started going back and forth saying silly stuff. They think that by adding the word "wax" onto another word they are making a joke. So they'll say things to each other like,
"Elephant wax." Then they'll start laughing.
Then the other one will pipe in with, "dog wax." Then they both laugh again. You get the idea...

Well today they were going back and forth with all these silly sweet little words and then our tender innocent Halee rebuttals with, "Butt wax!"
And of course because Joey and I are such mature parents, we totally avoid correcting her because we are to wrapped up in laughing ourselves. ( The truth is that that is totally something Joey would have said! And although is it very un-lady-like and not very becoming at all, I will confess that I found the whole thing to be quite humorous.)


SO there you have it... My treasure chest of memories for today. :)

Blessing upon Blessing...