Sunday, February 1, 2009


Today at church I was blessed with yet another reminder of why I long for a FULL quiver of kiddos in our home!! I hope you don't get your hopes up... It's not a big thing... But like I've mentioned so many times before, I am positive that it is the little things that make our hearts full to overflowing... 

Let me preface it with a little background... Have you ever seen You've Got Mail? There's a part in the movie where they show a picture of Meg Ryan when she was little girl twirling with her mother... out of the whole movie that one tiny scene is what I remember the most... 

So this morning I brought the kids in again for the music part of our church service ... and my free-spirited, life-living little Hal started swaying to the music and within seconds her sway turned into full out, unabashed TWIRLING!!! She was twirling and singing and completely unaware of the fact that half the church was staring at her with eyes that I felt were secretly wishing that they felt free enough and brave enough to join her! Then my Siah... My dear Siah, who dances like his Gramps... saw the fun and jumped right in... but not with a whimsical twirl... no, not Siah... He has this crazy jumping dance that he does that looks kinda like wanna-be karate moves that are done while simultaneously jumping into the air and sticking his tongue out! That's my boy!!!!

I smiled through the rest of the service at thought to myself, "this is for sure what we are all going to be doing when we get to heaven.. Twirling... Freely and with great joy!!!

I wish with all my heart that I had gotten a picture of the whole thing but I guess I'll just have to settle for the memory... :)