Sunday, February 1, 2009

"Not Me" Monday...

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Alrighty let's move on to the things that I swear by the hairs on my chiny chin chin, that I DID NOT do this week...

You would by no stretch of the imagination ever witness me having a conversation with my three year old concerning the whereabouts of ALL the magnets on our fridge... The conversation did not go as follows..

M..."Siah, did the magnets just get up and walk away?" (I so did Not just sound like my own mother saying that to my son!!!)
S... "No Mama, Magnets can't walk."
M (trying not to laugh), "Then what happened to all the magnets?"

S... "I mailed them."

M... "You mailed them? Who did you mail them to?"
S... "To people who needed them more than me's needs them."

Not sure what to say I just left it at that...

About an hour later I most certainly did not find ALL the magnets back on the fridge and I did not once again confront my Siah,

M... "How did the magnets get back on the fridge?"
S... "Oh, the people mailed them back to us. They say Siah's magnet were ugly."

mmmm??? the people thought our magnets were ugly huh?

Since I am insistent on promoting good hygiene in our home and I teach my children basic manners and find myself constantly throwing out reminders such as, "Please don't pick you nose... get a tissue from the bathroom." or "please don't hold yourself in public... as a matter of fact, please don't hold yourself anywhere... if you need to go to the bathroom, go, and then be done with that! Seriously, please!" ...

So, It was most certainly not me who took my baby out into the cold today and found myself being too lazy to go back inside and grab her a tissue to wipe her nose... It was not me who then proceeded to wipe her nose with my wooly sweater... and if that wasn't gross enough, it was by no stretch of the imagination me, who then decided i didn't like it on my sleeve so I transfered it from my sleeve to the back of my sweet baby's dress... Oh_My_Goodness... that was sooNOT ME!!

My snotty princess...

And Finally I want to say that it was not me who ate that last JoJo O filled with all that peppermint goodness... but if it had been me who ate it, I would tell you that JoJo O's from Trader Joes are straight from heaven!!! Seriously, if you've never had one, I highly suggest that you get on that very soon!

Until next time...