Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dreams Really Do Come True...

Right after Skyler was born Joey and I began to ask the Lord to bring another baby quick. We love how close Josiah and Halee are and how Skyler is not far behind. We prayed very specifically that it would be a year or less difference. And once again the Lord has been soooo faithful!!! We found out about four weeks ago that we are having baby #6!!!!! AS I am writing this the kids are dancing around the room, Cold Play is playing in the back ground, Skyler is laughing at her brother and sister as they run around in circles and Joey is laying next to Skyler with the hugest smile on his face! How blessed are we?

I am a little hesitant to put this post up at this point in my pregnancy but the truth is that I am so in love with my babies the moment I know that they are in my womb. And if they are there for a few weeks or till full term, I want them to know how much I cherish them, pray for them, love on them, talk to them, brag about them... I hope that by sharing with all of you, the testimony of whatever the Lord does with their life will be powerful and it will bring a tremendous amount of glory to the King of Kings!!!!

With that said, we went to the doctor yesterday...
I woke up bleeding...
I called Dr. Rob and he saw me right away.
He did an ultrasound and right when he found the baby, He said, "do you see that?" And as I looked at the screen tears of relief and praise streamed down my face... I saw the heart beating super fast... Then Dr. Rob turned on the sound so that I could hear the heart beat! I thnk that might be one of my favorite sounds in the whole world (right up there with the sound of my children laughing)
There is another little Clark on the way. And we are cherishing every second with this little one...

We invite you to join us in prayer for Clark baby # 6... No matter what God has for us we have no doubt it will be good. He is gracious and faithful.

Signing out with joy, :)

Precious baby # 6
Due July 18, 2009
(Skyler's due date was July 14th 2008 :)