Sunday, October 12, 2008

Simple Yet Extravagant

We went camping this weekend with our favorite camping friends, The Barrons!!! The Cochrans and the Mangans joined us part of the time too :). It was cold and crazy... my camera battery died after I took the first picture... All the kids came home with colds...

So why, you might ask, was this another great heart memory for me???? Because of five simple, yet extravagant words....

1. Genuine 2. Joy
On the ride up, Siah and Skyler fell asleep but my Hal was in her car seat and she COULD NOT wipe the smile off her face... every few minutes she would announce to the whole car, "We goin on a campin trip!!" She was soo stinkin excited that if that was the only memory we made I would have been so blessed just to see her glowing in the back seat!

My vibrant Halee-Belle excited about our camping trip

3. Teamwork
We all came together this weekend to make our camping trip happen... One of the things that I love about our marriage is our ability to work together as a team. When we got up on Friday, we didn't even have to say anything to each other... I packed up the inside stuff (clothes, food, kids), & Joey packed up the outside stuff (all our camping gear and the like)... He loaded everything... I fed the kids... we all piled in... and off we went :)

"Team Clark"

Working together

Even the kids pitched in to make our time together that much better...Skylee gets fussy sometimes in her car seat... A lot of times Siah puts her pacifier in and she's fine but since we were in the RV he couldn't reach her... So he started to do things to try and make her laugh... Joey sometimes makes farting noises at Skylee and she belly laughs... So as we were driving we heard Siah in the back making all these farting noises... and it TOTALLY worked... Skylee started giggling and talking!!! Way to be a part of "Team Clark."

4. Friendship
We were driving the RV looking for a parking spot in Jullian so we could stop and eat some of their world famous apple pie, for almost 45 minutes... Our friends, The Barons, pulled up next to us, and we rolled down our windows to converse about what we should do... They weren't bothered at all that they had been following our "beast" around for all that time and said that we should just keep looking for a spot. When we rolled up the window after talking with them Joey smiled at me and said, "We have such great friends!" And we do... not just because they were willing to drive around forever but because they love God, love each other, and love us! We are so thankful for friendship!

Friends, Russell & Kelsi

Friends, Bobby and Wyatt picking apples

Skylee's friend, Delaney (She's exactly 5 weeks older than Skylee)

Also when we finally found a spot and had our apple pie, we were walking back to our cars... and Siah and Hal stopped on the street corner and just started hugging... Siah said, "I love you my sister friend." It will always be a picture that my "mommy heart" will remember.

5. Adventure
A 3 year old, a 2 year old, and a 3 month old... camping... in the Fall... What more do i have to say???? Life without adventure... What kind of life would that be????

We went apple picking as part of our adventure... The kids had a blast...


The closest we come to a "real" Fall...

There was a tractor at the apple farm...

Hal took a turn...

It was super cold!!!

Taste testing...

Halee put so many apples in her mouth that she couldn't chew them enough to swallow any of them so we had to do the finger swipe thing to help get some of the apples out of her mouth... She just kept taking bites... :)

Thanks to the Mclaughlins for letting us use your RV for the weekend!!! It was absolutely AWESOME!!!

Because it was so cold we let the kids watch some Dora in the RV before they went to bed!! Let's just say they were SUPER stoked!!!!

I asked Siah what his favorite part about camping was... He told me that it was going over to Wyatt's camp house and playing... I thought that was sweet :)

Fun Family time.... Blessing upon blessing....