Saturday, May 3, 2008

Surf Competition

Siah with "butter" on his belly :)
Halee happy in the giant hole
attempted family photo; 3 out 4 looking at the camera; not to bad :)
Surf competition...

Today we went to the beach to watch our friend Bobby in a surf competition... He's a fire fighter and they do this competition once a year to raise money for the local schools and burn centers in our community. We were just planning on going for a little while but ended up spending most of the morning there... Josiah is getting more and more brave around the water so he ended up soaking his clothes and playing in his underwear (He doesn't care much to be wet or dirty so he wanted his clothes off :)... I borrowed my friends sunscreen and it was that thick white kind (For whatever reason I usually put the "spray" kind of sunscreen on my kids... probably cuz it's what's easiest for me :). As i was putting the sunscreen on, Josiah asked me another one of his profound "why" questions... He said, "Mama, Why you rub butter all over me? I no like butter on my belly. Why Mama? Why you do that?" :) I love this kid!!!!

Sweet Halee doesn't mind getting dirty at all and so she got right into the sand hole that Papa dug in her clothes not even noticing that that you could barely even see her clothes cuz the sand was caked on so thick...

It turned out to be an extra lovely morning making memories with our little fam... :)