Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Pieces Of Summer

The summer has barely begun and it has been jam-packed with trips and friends and water days and work days, afternoons of art and jumprope and gardens and all things good and lovely. 

But then there came a day when it was just me in the kitchen, The Best of Hillsong was strumming in the background. The kids were all over the farm doing their own things. 

It was just me.

It was quiet enough for me to hear His voice.

I was still enough to know His presence.

Me, with Him. My heart in a posture of praise.

The joy tears fell. 

I just love HIM. 

And I long to know Him so so much more.

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So often my little world is just so loud. I know it's the season I'm in and that seasons are always changing. The loud truly does holds it's own sweetness. 

But the loud also makes the quiet a total gift. 

My favorite days of the summer, 
are the ones spent alone with Him in my kitchen__ A tender closeness that will be with me always in eternity. 

How very grateful I am that He is the only thing permanent in this world that is fading away. How very grateful I am that this earth the short part, and that the sweetness of being in His presence is what my soul will know fully for all of eternity. 




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