Thursday, June 23, 2016

Shiloh Faithy

The many faces of our Shiloh Faithy__

This month you went to the pool for the first time__ and took a nap in the wagon.

You still have no teeth, but you're starting to sit a lot longer on your own. You're eating like a champ and you've finally fallen into some sort of a routine in your day. You are an EARLY riser, usually around 5am. It's summer and it's light outside, so getting up that early with you doesn't really bother me. And besides, I kind of see those early morning hours as the time the Lord has given me to be with just you. Have I ever told you ow much I adore you. Your pudgy little body and that gummy smile, mmmm, they melt me everyday. Love you to the moon and back gorgeous gift of mine.