Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My First Attempt

It's a first attempt.

I learned a few things rather quickly; the first thing being that I should have turned my iPhone sideways instead of up and down. Haha. :) Now I know.

There's nothing fancy here__ just bits and pieces of our days streamed together in one place.

It's a bit old school, kinda choppy, and totally us.

I told the kids they could use my phone to video moments in their day and that's how this Mama ended up in a few clips.

You should know that on most school days I rarely get dressed before noon, my Spunky Girl does cartwheels ALL DAY LONG (that's how she gets from room to room), and yes, there are currently turkeys in our living room (the kids are raising them to show at the county fair this year). :)

My hope is to keep learning and to keep attempting to capture our everyday moments. We'll see how that goes.

pASSWORD: farmhouse

mUSIC: These Are The Days by 10,000 Maniacs

Hope you Enjoy!