Tuesday, February 16, 2016


The same amazing couple that gave us the ponies flew the Cowboy and I out to CA for the weekend. 

It was the first time in nearly 4 years that the Cowboy and I had gone away for a night. And truthfully, we didn't tell many people that we were coming because I just wanted to soak up some time with my man. 

Sometimes going away for a weekend is just what the doctor ordered. But most of the time, we've learned how to make time for each other in our ordinary everyday. Most nights the kids are in bed before 8pm and we meet in our bed and chat about our day and I tell him my struggles and he reminds me of what's true and most nights he makes me laugh and we watch Everybody Loves Raymond together on our little iPad. We're in a season where what we're longing for the most is rest, because our minds are going a million miles a minute all day long. We have friends and family who offer often to watch the kids so we can out, but truth be told, in this season, we're perfectly content at home, alone in the quiet hours, growing up together through the simple everyday kind of stuff.

 {Shiloh did amazing all weekend. She slept on both flights and hung out everywhere we went. She's mad in this picture, but her tears were short lived.} 

While in CA we did a lot of driving and eating and laying out by the pool and going to our favorite restaurants. I think we only had one really long conversation about anything important. We talked about how thankful we are that we truly enjoy each other's company. We talked about how nice it is to be in a season where we don't have to over analyze everything and argue about things that don't really matter. We talked about the joy of being in a season where we get each other and we're good with who we are as a couple. One of the things I really enjoy about traveling with my Joey is that he takes care of everything. He knows where we're going and what we're doing and all I have to do is trust and walk. 

I remember a time when we were living in Panama and one of the things that I hadn't come to terms with in our marriage yet was the fact that Joey walks faster than I do.  He's always walking ahead of me. It's not because he doesn't care about me or because he's trying to leave me in the dust. I remember being so mad at him in Panama and all the arguments we had about it back then. (It sounds so silly now.)

This time, as we walked through the airport, he was walking in front of me, and every few minutes he would look back and wink at me just to make sure that I was still following, and I would give him a thumbs up, and we'd just keep on walking. It's the best feeling ever to just be comfortable in your own skin, to be content with who you and your man are, and to not have to think twice about the reasons why he's walking in front and you're walking behind. It's just the way we walk, and we're good with it. I love how time can bring new struggles, but it mostly brings new joys. 

{Meeting her sweet Granny for the first time.}

Our kids struggled the first night we were gone. We face-timed with them several times and with each conversation I wanted them to know how thankful I was that they loved us and enjoyed our company so much. But I also wanted them to know what a gift it was that their Papa and Mama love spending time together and how awesome it is that we really truly love each other a million more times today than we did when we got married 16 years ago. I want to give my kids the gift of the assurance that their Papa and Mama are committed to each other and them for the long haul. And although they might not have been able to put into words all that they were thinking and feeling, I am confident that as the years go by, they will not remember the times when they were sad because their Mama and Papa were away for a few days, but instead, they'll be blessed by the amazing love that we've  had for another all the days of their lives. 

I had the best weekend away from my norm. I cried on the way to the airport. I love San Diego. I love my friends and family. I love the weather and the food. I love the familiarity and all the memories I have in that place. Once we pulled into the farm gates and saw our treasures jumping up and down on the front porch I was done being sad. Sometimes you just have to mourn things for a moment and then you're fine again. How thankful I am for all the gifts that my God never had to give, but He gave anyways.