Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Storm & My Man

{So thankful for kids who don't mind bundling up to feed the animals in this crazy weather!}

Yesterday The Cowboy and I were in Target stocking up on some essentials {like frozen pizza and cereal. :) } It was a mad house. Every lane was open and people were buying all kinds of snow shovels and chains and bottled water.

While we were standing in line The Cowboy asked me, "Why are all these people waiting till just now, an hour before the storm is supposed to hit, to buy all these things?"

I laughed.

Because truth be told, if I wasn't married to the Cowboy, I'd be buying myself a snow shovel an hour before the storm, only to wake up the next morning and find that my snow shovel was officially buried by the 2 FEET of snow that came over night.

{The snow is all the way up to the top of our front porch.}

Bur thankfully, I AM married to The Man, and this morning, at 4am, I sat by the fire and watched him plow our dirt road, and then the neighbors dirt road. Then he went out in the blizzard to pick a friend up who couldn't get his car back to his house because the snow was too deep.

{It's seriously deep!}

For the Cowboy and I there is always a "first night of watching the snow fall." It's one of my favorite nights of the year. The kids are in bed. All the lights are out in the farmhouse. And it's just him and I looking out of the tall sunroom windows as the snow floats down and colors the farm all white.

{Five layers of pajamas, and a hot Chai Tea Latte__ It's how I make it through winter.}

This morning I was just feeling thankful for my Joey. Thankful for the way that he takes care of things so that when the storms come, I feel safe and worry-free by the fire.