Monday, October 5, 2015

A Fall Art Project

Some art projects that we do are a flop. 
And some work out great. 
This was a good one.
I only did it with my three oldest (7, 9 & 10), while the little boys played outside. 

We got the idea for this project from here__

We took a few short cuts to make the project a bit more simple. 

She had so many steps and we just happened to have some fun fall scrapbooking paper, so we skipped the whole "painting the newspaper" section of her tutorial and cut feathers out of the scrapbook paper instead. 

We also used a hot glue gun for the entire project instead of just for the twig and egg carton eyes. I taught the two oldest ones how to use it on their own and they both did a great job. {I helped my 7-year-old.} The glue stick wasn't working very well with the thick paper and the layering of the feathers.

It took several times of starting and stopping to let the paint dry on the different parts of the egg carton eyes. So I had the kids cut out the feathers and the body of the owl while they were waiting.

{As always, my amazing Hal was the last artist standing. :)}

I love how they turned out. 

It's starting to feel like fall here on the farm.

I love fall... the only thing I don't like about it is that it means winter is just around the corner__ and that my friends, just might bring on the tears. :( 

But for today, we'll soak up the brisk air of fall, and hang our owls up on the wall in our school room and smile each time we look at them. :)