Monday, September 7, 2015

The Day We Became Pig Rescuers

I've become a big-ole softy.

The neighbors texted yesterday with an "opportunity" for our family to save a little pot belly pig from being slaughtered. 

I read the kids the text and they all started chanting in the car, "Save_that_pig! Save_that_pig! 

I called the Cowboy and He said, "Absolutely!"

We went to Big R that afternoon and got a bunch of supplies. 

Today we built a pen__

And now__

We have a pig.

We're still working on a name. :) 

The Farm is growing little by little. We're up to 4 goats, 11 chickens, 3 cats, 1 dog, and__ & 1, 
9-week-old pig. 

You should have seen these kid's faces and the way they jumped up and down as the neighbors drove up our long dirt driveway. 

The pig was shaking and terrified, but by the time we all headed to bed tonight the pig had found his sweet spot in his new pen and settled right down. 

Welcome to The Farm little pig. :)