Tuesday, September 29, 2015

His Abundant Gift; Our Baby Girl Is Doing FABULOUS!

Yesterday was truly the best appointment ever. I have been going to the doctor every Monday and Thursday for five weeks. We had our big growth ultrasound last week and our baby girl gained a whole pound. She's still little, but she's mighty strong. 

And at yesterday's appointment our doctor said that baby girl looked soo good that we now only have to come in once a week. She also said that we will probably look at inducing between 37 and 38 weeks just to avoid any late term, increased complications with my placenta. 

When we were given the scenarios of possible delivery dates, it made sense to us to chose small and feisty (delivering at 37 or 38 weeks) rather than larger with an increased chance of fetal death (delivering at 39 or 40 weeks).  In my mind, we have a win, win situation on our hands__ a strong little girl and a no-longer-pregnant Mama. {It's no secret how I feel about being pregnant__ I_AM_SO_DONE WITH_THIS_BEING_EXCESSIVELY_ROUND_THING!!!}

Ah_May_Zing news today for this Mama's heart!!!! 

We're still working on a name. We have one that we both like. But then a few months ago I came across a different one that means "God's abundant gift." I love it's meaning, especially in light of all we've been through with this little one, but I'm not sure that we love the name itself. We still have a few weeks to figure it out. :) 

In other news we took a train through the Royal Gorge this past weekend. My Grandma is visiting from Las Vegas and my Dad and Lori came too. It really was a fun family day. It's worth doing once__ but maybe not twice__and maybe not with a two-year-old. LOL. 

{When all else fails, let him play Peekaboo Barn on your phone.}

 I can't express enough gratitude to all of y'all who have been seeking the Lord on our little girl's behalf. He hears our prayers and blesses us beyond anything that we can dream up! Seriously cannot wait to introduce one of the Lord's little miracles to the world in a few short weeks. :)