Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How It Went Down

We had reservations.

We had friends coming to the farm to spend the weekend with the kids.

We had plans.

And then one night a few weeks back we put the kids to bed and slouched down on the couch in the dark.

And the conversation went like this__

Me: "What's your ideal anniversary?"

Joey: "You. Naked."

Me: "Haha. No, seriously?"

Joey: "Yep, Seriously."

Me: "Okay. Moving on."

Joey: "Okay. What's yours then?"

Me: "Sweats. This couch. A bran muffin from Mimi's Cafe. A chopped chicken salad from Peiwei, with a LARGE iced chai tea. Kids gone. Us alone in our house for an entire evening. No dressing up. No cooking. No cleaning."

Joey: "No weekend away?"

Me: "No."

Joey: "You naked?"

Me: "Sure."

Joey: "Deal."

And that's how it went down.

It's our 15th anniversary and maybe we should be doing something extravagant. But I'm round and stretched out and tired. And he's gracious and kind and tired too.

And  I have to tell you that dinner was great, us chatting on the porch for a couple hours was great, alone in the dark with my Joey was great, and eating Oreos on the couch while watching Jason Bourne was great.

Some anniversaries are meant for extravagance. Some are meant for a night at home loaded with the simple pleasures of life.

Love ya JoJo! More than words can say.

Thanks for grace, and take-out, and the best Wednesday night I've had all year.

Here's to 50 more!