Saturday, August 8, 2015

Happy Birthday Ninja

You're two today. 

You're rowdy and tender, 
loud, and all boy.

You have the best belly laugh,
and one seriously high pitch scream. 

Some might call you a trouble-maker,
But I like to think you're just wildly curious.

You're adventurous and innovative and always taking stuff apart and trying to figure out how it works. 

And you have a way of making things happen that are a total mystery. {Like last week, when your Papa found a perfectly thin layer of sand spread across both couches, a bench, and a table in the living room. You were the only one awake and your Mama was in the kitchen cooking breakfast. The sand wasn't there when she got you out of bed, but somehow it magically appeared with no sign of where it might of come from. No buckets, no sand toys, nothing. Just a beach spread across the living room. You're mysterious. That's why your Papa calls you Little Ninja.}

You make me smile BIG__
And some days you make me cry hard! LOL. :) 

Your sweet sister made you a cake. She made an "S" out of sprinkles and balloons out of lollipops and put them on top of her homemade frosting. 

Your brother spent his own money and bought you a vacuum, in an attempt to distract you from constantly trying to use your Mama's vacuum. He also spent the morning slowly driving you around the farm on his quad.

Your grandma got you some new cowboy boots and your other grandma got you some cowboy jeans and you lit up when I got you dressed this morning. You may only be two, but you already know you wanna be a cowboy like the rest of the boys in your family. 

Tonight your friends came over and so did Gramps and Nana. 
We made your favorite, spaghetti and meatballs, and washed that down with some chocolate cake and homemade strawberry ice cream. 

Happy Happy Birthday little ninja! You are so loved! :)