Friday, August 21, 2015

Dad's 70th

Yesterday was  my dad's 70th birthday. His birthday happens to be the same week as my Joey's birthday, and the same week as our close friend Matt's birthday.

I had asked my dad about a big party, flying in his best friends that happen to live all over the country, and maybe even getting a band. He laughed and said no thank you. :)

He's a quiet guy.

So we kept it small.

Everyone pitched in and we had ourselves a feast.

We ate the most delicious ribs on the planet and I made him chocolate lovers delight for dessert.

It was sunny and gorgeous outside and after dinner we spent a few hours on the porch just talking and watching the kids ride motorcycles.

{The girls made this sweet sign for the three birthday boys. :)}

{This little guy found the perfect spot to eat his snack while his Mama put up some decorations.} 

Before dinner, the girls put on a pre-dinner, cajun, fishing puppet show for my Dad. They spent the whole afternoon making props for their puppets and they came up with a whole story line about duck-hunting and fishing and birthdays. They eventide to pull off a "cajun" accent throughout their play.  It was super sweet and I think it made my dad feel super special. 

 I only took a video of the second half of it so the clip I have below probably won't make a ton of sense, but that's ok. I just wanted to remember their thoughtfulness towards their Gramps and I wanted to remember their sweet little voices.

Chocolate Lovers Delight just might be one of the easiest, yet most decadent desserts ever. The bottom layer is a box of dark chocolate brownies. The second layer is chocolate pudding. The third layer is whipped cream. And the final layer is an entire bag of crumbled Oreos. You can never have to much chocolate in your life. :) 

Sarah brought carrot cake for Matt's birthday treat.

{When I look at this picture, I can hardly believe how big my kids are getting, and I can hardly believe how young my dad still looks. To me, he hardly looks 70, and he looks more handsome than ever.} 

I can't explain what a gift it has been having my dad live right across the farm. There is something about just living daily life with someone that draws you closer to one another. I'm thankful for the times we bump into each other on the dirt road between his house and mine. I'm thankful that every time I leave his house I get to say, "See ya tomorrow Dad." I'm thankful for the ways that he and his wife pour into our kids constantly. I'm thankful for his encouraging words as we attempt to raise up these treasures for the glory of God. And I'm thankful that we got to spend his 70th birthday celebrating with him.

Happy Happy Birthday Daddy! Sure do love ya! :)