Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Don't Be Afraid To Invest, Even If Only For A Season

Before moving to our little town, I never really knew anyone in the military. 
And now, two summers in a row we've had to say goodbye to our dearest friends who have been stationed somewhere else. 

It is so incredibly hard to say goodbye. 

But I will confess that even knowing that this day would eventually come when these friends would have to leave, I wouldn't have traded the months we had together for anything. 

I know sometimes people don't want to invest in relationships with people who they know aren't going to be around that long. But not only do the people who are moving around a lot need genuine, deep-rooted, Christ-centered relationships, but I have found that I have been the blessed one with each of the military families that we've had the privilege of getting to know over the past four years.

Our friends, Tor & Sabrina & their kids have been staying with us this past week and my kids sat on the porch and balled their eyes out when they drove away this morning.  That's when I told them,  "you're crying hard, because you've loved well." 

I never want to be afraid of investing in others. Some of the best gifts come for only a season. 

Sabrina is one of my greatest gifts. 
She's taught me about life and mothering. She's exemplified all the gifts of the Spirit towards me on a daily basis. She's seen me on my absolute hardest days and has loved me well. She's shown me Christ and challenged me to grow in my relationship with Him. She's encouraged me in my marriage. She's brought me countless meals and every other Tuesday while her husband was deployed her and her kids had dinner with us up at the farmhouse and it was always the best night of my week. She'd spend long days up at our house teaching me how to sew. She was always up for an adventure, making the long winter days more bearable and not nearly as lonely. Her kids and our kids got along so well.

She's blessed me beyond measure and I'm forever changed by the season that we spent together as friends. 

And even though it's only been one day since she left, I miss her like crazy. Lord willing we'll see each other again soon. But if not, I will never regret (or forget) the time invested in this one incredible season of friendship!!