Thursday, May 14, 2015

How To Get A Date With Your Man On Mothers Day

Oh Mother's Day... you crack me up.

It's been a week, here on the farm.

It rained all week, then the snow came, then the basement flooded... literally, a stream running through it.

Then the Cowboy twisted his ankle. He now has a cankle...

  1. an unusually thick or stout ankle.

Yep, that's what he has. But he's a Cowboy. And Cowboys are fine, even when they have cankles. :)

Then the Cowboy's brakes went out on his truck.

Then there was me and my pregnant self. On Wednesday I got a call from the doctor. It seems I have crazy low iron levels and crazy high glucose levels.

The low iron probably explains the rapid heart beat, shortness of breath, dizziness, chills, & nausea__ & it may even explain why I feel exhausted after I brush my hair for the past several weeks.

So today, on this glorious Mother's Day__after we put everything from the basement into the sunroom__ after I took a bath__after the kids had a surprise party all set up for me at the breakfast table__ after the Cowboy gave me the best gift ever for a  Mother-of-five-who-lives-on-a-farm-and -has-too-quiet-of-a-voice; a megaphone__after the baby napped__ after the dishes were done__
after a whole morning of being a Mama__

The Cowboy and I headed to the hospital for an afternoon Mother's Day date.

{A Mothers Day tea at our church.}

{My arch nemesis... the flooded basement.}

{The sunroom... still filled with everything from the basement.}

And because of my situation, I got to spend a few hours at the hospital getting iron infused into my blood.

And ya know what? It was one of the best dates ever.

It was great to have time with my man. It was great to have some quiet moments. It was great not going to the hospital alone. It was great to have company, and not just anybody's company, but his company. It was great laughing at his jokes. It was great taking a nap in a quiet room while my Joey ran to Walmart to pick up a few things.

You know what was great about this Mother's Day?

Just being a Mama.

Braving a needle for our newest treasure growing inside__
Wiping the littlest one's nose a thousand and one times__
Reading Berenstain Bears to all five of them__

And ending our eventful day how we end most Sundays___ all watching America's Funniest Home Videos together on the couch.

That's being a Mama.

That's the best kind of Mother's Day.

That's the way to get a night out with your man and a free fried chicken dinner.