Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Crazy-Fun Kids & Days To Remember

I was in the kitchen wiping down the counters when I looked outside and saw all five out by the puddles. 

I could have kept cleaning. 

But cleaning is so overrated.

And jumping into the joy of my kids growing up is so much more fun than cleaning.

So I grabbed my lens and went outside and captured some memories. 

And I don't regret it for a second.

And then they had an idea... BATHING SUITS. 

And you know what I thought to myself? 

Bathing suits in the rain???___Why on earth not? 

They're kids, and they're brave, and they're fun, and they're all the things that adults often wish they still were. 

By golly, I should have put on my bathing suit and joined them. 

But instead I pulled out my lens and had a blast chasing them down the hill to the mini pond and laughing as they danced, and splashed, and had a grand old time. 

When we came inside, everyone put on some warm jammies (except for the crazy girl who likes to wear her spaghetti strap summer dresses when it's snowing outside__ she kept her bathing suit on while she drank her tea.) We ate popcorn and all looked at the day's pictures together. 

These are the days worth remembering__
Because these are the days when we remember what it is to really live.