Friday, February 6, 2015

Sick Days

Yesterday this little monkey was running around the house, with no pants on, sporting his FAVORITE boots, and licking the sliding glass door (one of his favorite past times.)

Then this morning, the poor monkey threw up his breakfast...

And it just keeps coming.

It might have something to do with licking the sliding glass door, but it's more likely just a little virus that has been going around in our neck of the woods. {The Dancing Girl had it last week.}

{The Charmer drew a picture of our family while he ate lunch. I don't know who's who except for me... I'm the one with the baby attached to my leg. He told me Solomon likes to hold onto me and cry a lot. He's right.}

I really don't care for throw up, but this morning I have to say, that I'm oddly thankful for these sick days. We were supposed to go the Science and History Museum this morning and I was super bummed to miss out. I always love taking the kids to Denver.

{My Siah is way into Legos these days.}

But the Lord gave me a much sweeter gift this morning.


We home school for a million reasons, but THIS!

I was holding little man while reading our current read aloud (Carry On, Mr. Bowditch, by Jean Lee Latham) to the kids, when he crawled out of my arms and walked over to his sister and crawled up in her lap. Half way through the chapter, I looked up and saw that he had fallen asleep while my Halee-girl rubbed his head.


The way they love on each other simply because we're all here, doing life.

Today was one of my favorite days.

We read good books and the kids did their own things__

And the baby fell asleep in his sister's arms.