Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Quiet Lad We Call Baby

Our Soul Man...

He's the new tornado in town__A small man of relative mass destruction__ 
                                                    Into all things not allowed__ And as charming as can be__

Those dark, round eyes radiate behind his seemingly endless eyelashes__ His toddling legs attempting to run, bring belly laughter to this place__

A scowly brow, a raised forehead, a constant shifting of his soft baby skin entrusting the outside world with glimpses into his own little soul__


 A quiet lad, a little man of very few words__
                    Climbing, curious, living in a constant wonder of all his little world has to offer__

He melts into me and buries his light brown wisps into my chest__ 
                                                             His tenderness softens me__

In this little corner of cyberspace, he's known as our Soul Man___
But at home under the farmhouse roof, we still just call him Baby.