Sunday, November 9, 2014

Operation Christmas Child

I long for them to have servant hearts. 

I'm well aware that I cannot make them generous. 
I cannot make them others-minded. 

Heart issues are the work of the Holy Spirit.

But I can give them opportunities. 

I can pray over their precious hearts and trust that the Lord will put in them what will bring Him the most glory.

I can dream happy dreams that they will grow up and serve others with great joy.

We had a packing party this week with some other homeschooling families. We each brought different things to fill up 10 shoeboxes. 

We watched a video about Operation Christmas Child so they could see what was going to happen with the boxes they were packing. We wrote personal letters and spent some time praying over our kids and the kids that are going to be receiving the boxes. 

It's hard to explain to a little one how blessed they are to not only have the things that they need, but also a million things that they don't need. 

The truth, for my little ones at least, is that they don't really get it. 

But I tell them anyways. 

And I believe that as we exemplify giving, and have conversations with them about the world and the way others live that we are rooting something in them that is life-giving. 

A life lived for self most often ends up lonely and empty.

A life lived for others can be so rich.

And so we consistently plant seeds, and we pray fervently over them, and we trust the Lord to do mighty things in our treasures, things beyond anything that we can think or imagine. 

The Holiday season is near and my deep longing for the next few months is that my mind would be on Christ and the fact that He is indeed, the GREATEST of all gifts.

I desire the same for my kiddos.

And so we pray fervently as we learn together all the different ways we can serve the world around us.