Wednesday, November 19, 2014


The best days seem to be the ones where we live with eyes wide open.

The days when I purpose to look... to really, really look.

To look for what He IS doing in these children and in me, rather than getting discouraged at the things that are so far from perfect.

Today The Spunky Girl struggled through her math... But she also swept up her little brother up in her arms and made him giggle like crazy. {The Lord IS growing a stunningly gorgeous friendship between a brother and sister.}

Today My Siah spoke harshly to his sister... But then his heart softened and he made it right and he asked me to pray for him that he would learn to love his sister well. {He's instilling humility and grace into a little boy who so desperately longs to grow into a godly man.}

Today my Charmer floundered to obey... "I just don't like listening to people," he told this Mama though his tears, after a day of constant correction. "I want to want to obey." Man, how I know that feeling... the one where I constantly do the very thing that I don't want to do. {The Spirit's at work in this little guy.}

Today the Dancing Girl wanted to quit because learning doesn't always come easy to her. She longs to do all things perfectly and she's a genuinely broken mess when life forces her to struggle through... But then something sank in, something clicked, and she wiped her tears and she pressed on and she whispered it to me at the table. "I asked the Lord to help me Mama, and he did." {The Lord is faithful to help us in our time of need.}

And this week my Joey and I have been asking the Lord to help us in some very specific things. And slowly, yet faithfully, I can see the Lord working on both of us. 

Even the little one is under His wings. We have been working so hard on helping this kiddo to come when we call him and to obey when we tell him no... and he'e getting it. SLOWLY, yes. But he IS getting it. And it's such a gift to watch his little face light up when we all cheer for him as he comes running when he is called. 

It's easy to see all the things that don't go right in a day.

But when I open my eyes wide, I can also see all that is well in this place. 

It's messy-beautiful around here.

May I live daily with my eyes wide open. 

{Photos... a sneak peek of these fun little messenger bags that I made for all of my precious nieces for Christmas. They're reversible and I decided to add a little button just for fun. I hope to put a little note book and fun pen inside. Here's a link to the tutorial that we used to make them... (Click Here)  My lovely friend Sabrina came over to help me make my first bag. So thankful for friends that somehow make hard things seem easy. Thank you sweet friend for bringing the joy to an otherwise daunting task for this Mama. So appreciate you!}